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And the Bass Kicks the Remix remixes remixes and covers

And the Bass Kicks the Drum – Forget All The Memories (Diversion Mix)

Part 1

Title: Forget All The Memories (Diversion mix)
Artist: And the Bass Kicks the Drum
Album: And the Bass Kicks the Remix
Date: 2011

Bill and Jon (Billijons, Bojillions, etc) recorded this killer track sometime last fall. Really came out of nowhere and knocked everyone down. I managed to get the tracks, and after much procrastination, finally finished some remixes due to a well timed txt-message. They could use some work in the mixing, but thats fine as I feel you really need to pass mixing and then mastering off to different people to really get a well-tuned production.
Major props to Jon on the production and Bill on the vox…absolutely incredible performance…I was sitting here with these loose ideas for a track, then I accidentally unmuted Bills vox track…suddenly the track started to make sense. Coincidentally enough, the vocal track I had was not used in their final version. You’ve aint never heard homedude hold notes for this long, sounds good.
This is part 3 from a 5 part remix-o-rama that runs the gamut from basic edits to total noise loop annihilation.
Thanks Bill and Jon for being awesomer.
Download: atbktd-remix3(diversion) (right click and choose ‘save as’)