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Noggin + Dred – Communism (wreckage)

Part 1

Title: Communism (wreckage)
Artist: Noggin + Dred
Album: Wreckage
Date: 2002

All props to Ilya on this one.
This track has a bit of a weird journey…started out as one of Ilya’s first Buzz tracks, got a bit of Noggin treatment, back and forth between us (and this all in 97-98), then somehow it ended up in my sequencer view one night and got totally re-edited / remixed / rejiggled. Much mellower and a bit more focused than our first collaboration on the subject, and still trippy enough to keep me interested.
Dig Geonik’s Omega goin off.
Download: communism (wreckage) (right click and choose ‘save as’)