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collaborations Wreckage

Noggin + Dred – Communism (wreckage)

Part 1

Title: Communism (wreckage)
Artist: Noggin + Dred
Album: Wreckage
Date: 2002

All props to Ilya on this one.
This track has a bit of a weird journey…started out as one of Ilya’s first Buzz tracks, got a bit of Noggin treatment, back and forth between us (and this all in 97-98), then somehow it ended up in my sequencer view one night and got totally re-edited / remixed / rejiggled. Much mellower and a bit more focused than our first collaboration on the subject, and still trippy enough to keep me interested.
Dig Geonik’s Omega goin off.
Download: communism (wreckage) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

Chew remixes and covers

Tim McGravy – Planet PCM


Title: Planet PCM
Artist: Tim McGravy
Album: Chew
Date: 2010

In honor of my newly resurrected Nintendo, here’s an early 8-bit cover of this Black Sabbath classic that I recorded in the Red House basement one cold, Washington winter day.

I would like to dedicate this one to Baxter and her expanding family, notably the newest member.

This is the sound coming off the actual NES itself (2 channels).
About the resurrected Nintendo – it just started going to a solid white screen on turn on, so I went the most popular route and bought a new 72-pin connector. That didn’t help, so I started seeking out a new NES. The one I ended up finding was in pretty bad cosmetic shape, so I yanked the circuit board out of it, and stuck it in the nicest case I had…which also already had the mods for 1/4″ out.
All this for a show I’ve got coming up on Friday 02 September for Atarimatt’s record release party – this is going to be an insanely rad show.
Download: Planet PCM (right click and choose ‘save as’)

collaborations Nueget Jams

Nueget – Supercoil

Part 1

Title: Supercoil
Artist: Nueget / Megaspore mothercell
Album: Nueget Jams
Date: 1995

Saturday track, Bryan Texas 90’s garage rock style.
This is with my band again, David on bass (totally nailing it with that distortion!!!!), Steve on drums (taught me to just hit record), and yours truly on guitar.
This was our surf-rock-noise-psych track. Throw some more adjectives at me suckas.
Download: Nueget – Supercoil (right click and choose ‘save as’)