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Sober October

Noggin – Do You?

Part 1

Title: Do You?
Artist: Noggin
Album: Sober October
Date: 2011

This track was, for the most part, created in a very short time frame art project / experiment / live experience / promotion done at The Business in Anacortes.
For this project, I came into The Business (a record store) early in the afternoon armed with nothing but a turntable and an empty sampler. The idea was to create an entire set of songs from nothing but the vinyl available in the record store, on the same day as the show (thanks Nick for helping me live out a dream). I grabbed anything that looked interesting … some BTO, some aerobics training, some Burl Ives (a necessary Anacortes original), some proto-industrial, and most notably for this composition, some Olivia Newton-John.
The first couple hours were spent sampling and chopping, with a couple hiccups due to poorly planned memory usage – resampling in an mPC2kxl takes an excruciatingly long time…I’m talking 20 minutes to resample a 30 second sample. I learned this the hard way on this day when I had nothing but short time to work with.
This piece definitely came together the easiest, and continued to be refined throughout the next few months, culminating in a couple recording sessions in the garage to tape (see Reverb City). I’ve chosen this markedly dissimilar track to close the album out on a high note.
I will continue to post the album in reverse order.
Thank you.
MPC straight to 1/4″ reels via Mackie mixer and LXP-1 on send.
Chuck originally called this one “Love is the opening door”.
Full album available at http://soundcloud.com/djnoggin/sets/sober-october
Download: Noggin – 10 – Do You (right click and choose ‘save as’)