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As Yet Unknown collaborations

Noggin + Gobi – El Paso


Title: El Paso
Artist: Noggin + Gobi
Album: As Yet Unknown
Date: 2004

Thursdays are now collaboration Thursdays.
This comes from a session with my friends in an early incarnation of the band Gobi. Major props to Phil and Dillon…they really put on a show like no other. My most recent Gobification involved a great show, and then hearing said show ringing off of all the buildings downtown as I biked home to get like 2 hours sleep before my radio show. They also apparently had the cops called, which is actually a rarity at Revs, so PROPS GUYS! Serious jamming that evening.
I made this beat with my laptop sitting on a dresser in a 99% empty apartment. I’ve never seen so many egg crates + mattresses in a bathtub. They had that bathroom converted to one of the deadest vocal booths I’ve ever heard…again props. Phil spit some improv lyrics over this beat, but the vox + beat never really got mixed together. It was all pretty live anyway, so count it towards a bad ass good time instead of a shiny document of said good time. This beat was produced by Noggin for (early) Gobi.
Also, it should be noted that this track didn’t actually have a name (‘philbur’ in the file, i believe), but I definitely remember Phil saying El Paso in the spits.
Download: laurie (right click and choose ‘save as’)