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We All Come Off

Noggin – Flat Chronic

Part 1

Title: Flat Chronic
Artist: Noggin + Mr. Oizo + Dr. Dre
Album: We All Come Off
Date: 2002

In 2002, the bootleg / mashup craze was in full effect.
This is my contribution.
Originally created for a mix I was making for a Halloween / 80s party, this eventually got pretty much redone completely as I wanted to impart a bit of the glitch aesthetic into it, not to mention the fact that I think straight layered mashups are boring…got to have a little style in there or whats the point?
As such, this is very DJ friendly. Not what I’d call a floor-filler, but drop it once the floor is filled and things will start to get a little crazy.
Bonus points to the person who comments about the secret track hidden the middle of this one.
Download: Noggin – Flat Chronic (Dre-Oizo bootleg) (right click and choose ‘save as’)