Noggin – Under the Mountain, Over the Ocean (live at Stafford)

Part 1

Title: Under the Mountain, Over the Ocean (live at Stafford)
Artist: Noggin
Album: Live at Stafford
Date: 2009

Another track from the well received Noggin set at the 2nd Stafford Skullf*cker extravaganza. I had just written this song a short while before this, debuted it at the Department of Safety on 30 October, then redid it with a bit of sync lead for the Stafford show.
Notice the crunchiness – this entire set was mixed and processed through a Yamaha DMP-7. It’s one of the first digital mixers, and it’s got a really unique sound as it takes analog input, converts it all to digital, does all processing digitally inside the machine, then does another DA conversion on output to provide regular old analog outs.
This song to me is the sound of all the house music that wants to exist on a rainy Washington island finding refuge in one, strangely slanted room.
Download: Noggin – 04 – Under the mountain, over the ocean (Live at Stafford) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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