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Live at Stafford Sober October Demos

Noggin – mawL (Live from Stafford)

Part 1

Title: mawL (Live from Stafford)
Artist: Noggin
Album: Sober October
Date: 2009

Once again, giving yall two tracks today so nobody can blame for taking an ‘out’ on a technicality. I posted the demo version of this track earlier this year, and here is the first recorded version. I played this song at Stafford in December as part of the Skull-you-know-what-er show that I also had participated in the year before. Basically, every musician still in town took over this empty bar in a time when the crowds are gone and so we can dominate and do what we do how we do.
The base chords out of this track came from Buzz samples, the drums all MPC, and this version even includes some An1x for fun.
MPC via a Yamaha DMP-7 (LOVE that sound) mixer to the cd recorder at Stafford.
Chuck originally called this one “Walking home”.
Full album available at http://soundcloud.com/djnoggin/sets/sober-october
Download: Noggin – 02 – maWL (Live at Stafford) (right click and choose ‘save as’)