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collaborations Pizza Party Demos

Pizza Party – a Pause for Herb


Title: a Pause for Herb
Artist: Pizza Party ft. DJ Noggin
Album: Side B
Date: 2010

Beatjuggling during a Pizza Party session.
The juggling is incredibly sloppy at the beginning but that’s kind of the point…Pizza Party is more about that spur of the moment gamespit, not calculated practice.
It’s our good buddy Herb Alpert and the TJB on the decks.
Download: Pizza Party – Pause for Herb (right click and choose ‘save as’)

Chew remixes and covers

Tim McGravy – Planet PCM


Title: Planet PCM
Artist: Tim McGravy
Album: Chew
Date: 2010

In honor of my newly resurrected Nintendo, here’s an early 8-bit cover of this Black Sabbath classic that I recorded in the Red House basement one cold, Washington winter day.

I would like to dedicate this one to Baxter and her expanding family, notably the newest member.

This is the sound coming off the actual NES itself (2 channels).
About the resurrected Nintendo – it just started going to a solid white screen on turn on, so I went the most popular route and bought a new 72-pin connector. That didn’t help, so I started seeking out a new NES. The one I ended up finding was in pretty bad cosmetic shape, so I yanked the circuit board out of it, and stuck it in the nicest case I had…which also already had the mods for 1/4″ out.
All this for a show I’ve got coming up on Friday 02 September for Atarimatt’s record release party – this is going to be an insanely rad show.
Download: Planet PCM (right click and choose ‘save as’)

As Yet Unknown From Inside The Furnace

Noggin – A Hole in the floor

Part 1

Title: A Hole In The Floor
Artist: Noggin
Album: From Inside the Furnace
Date: 2011

A 13-bit Ensoniq EPS sampler and a Jobim record make up the bulk of this ambient tune. Drums sampled from an R&B remix 12, whose artist I will not mention for fear of blind RIAA lawsuits trying to make a point about sampling.
This one comes to show yall a bit of a recent glimpse into my musical life. I recently was asked to participate in the Friendship Trail…a walk around Anacortes early in the morning during the Saturday of the final What The Heck Fest / Shipwreck day. For this piece, I had 4 copies of the tracks, left track, right track, both tracks, and a hard-limited mixed track, all playing at slightly varying times on 4 portable recorders taped to an acoustic guitar (thanks Rocky). Starting the recorders at different times kind of allowed the sound to move around the body of the guitar, and really started to sound wicked once the drums kicked in. Coupled with some awesome hardware switches for timestretch ranging from -60% to -75%, I was really able to adapt this song to a live environment….the snares sounded especially glitchtastic with that gnarly timestretch kicking.
Karl had me set up to play under a small ivy-covered archway off of 4th street. I misinterpreted the location, and arrived at what I thought was the location about an hour and a half early, to try and affix these things to the guitar (in the rain), and also record some vocal harmony to sing with on another track. Well, Karl shows up shortly thereafter and starts to do some prep of his own. Slowly but surely, the entire crowd starts showing up. What I had failed to realise was, I was NOT at the archway where I was to play. I got messed up because, the trail was supposed to start at the W.T. Preston, a museum of a paddle boat, but the night before, I had come across a smaller, steel-frame model of the same boat, with the nameplate “W.T. Preston” on it, and I incorrectly figured THAT was the starting point.
Blau eventually set me straight, and after the crowd walked on to the next performance, I stayed behind, under the bow of the boat, and finished my vocal harmonies. Eventually, I was able to find my archway and prepare.
This is the piece I had playing as the crowd arrived. Timing worked out great, because I was able to shave this 6+ minutes song into more like 2 by starting it later and starting it earlier than the crowd got there. When the drums hit, I knew things were ok.
Thanks to Rocky for the guitar, thanks to Karl for the invitation, and thanks to all those at Heck fest who got up at 9 in the morning to walk around in the rain and listen to some music in strange, new places.
Download: noggin-holeinthefloor (right click and choose ‘save as’)