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Groovesday 19 June 2012 – THANAQUARIUS

Artist: DJ Noggin + Mikey
Title: Groovesday 19 June 2012 - THANAQUARIUS
Album: KEOS Broadcasts
Date: 2012
Part 1
Part 2

Props to my homey Mikey for a killer guest-curation on last night’s dern-near-full moon new moon / solstice edition of Groovesday. It’s like riding the back of a purple-eyed Orca around the perimeter of Barbados, surfing the wake of a cruise ship en-Route to Easter Island, where it beaches itself, and before burning/suffocating, tries to bury itself in the sludgy mud of the deserted shore.
It’s all live, all freestyle, we had a good time with it – hope yall enjoy.
This weeks show includes hits from, but not limited to:
Unicorn Kid
etc, etc…

Chew remixes and covers

Tim McGravy – Planet PCM


Title: Planet PCM
Artist: Tim McGravy
Album: Chew
Date: 2010

In honor of my newly resurrected Nintendo, here’s an early 8-bit cover of this Black Sabbath classic that I recorded in the Red House basement one cold, Washington winter day.

I would like to dedicate this one to Baxter and her expanding family, notably the newest member.

This is the sound coming off the actual NES itself (2 channels).
About the resurrected Nintendo – it just started going to a solid white screen on turn on, so I went the most popular route and bought a new 72-pin connector. That didn’t help, so I started seeking out a new NES. The one I ended up finding was in pretty bad cosmetic shape, so I yanked the circuit board out of it, and stuck it in the nicest case I had…which also already had the mods for 1/4″ out.
All this for a show I’ve got coming up on Friday 02 September for Atarimatt’s record release party – this is going to be an insanely rad show.
Download: Planet PCM (right click and choose ‘save as’)

As Yet Unknown collaborations remixes remixes and covers

Noggin – Brinesta (Full Mix)

Part 1

Title: Brinesta (Full Mix)
Artist: Noggin
Album: As Yet Unknown
Date: 2010

After too much delay, I got around to modding a Nintendo (graciously donated to science by DJ Dag-Nab-It) to output two independent channels of audio. The original NES is mono (one cable), and this mod has been described as a ‘stereo’ mod. What’s actually going on is a little bit cooler.
The NES can only make five sounds, 2 square wave tones, a triangle wave, a noise channel, and a very lo-fi sampler. From the chip inside the game system, the two square waves come off one pin, and the rest of the sounds off the next pin. That means you can hack in a couple jacks, run one channel (square waves) into one channel of a mixer, and run the rest into another…giving you hands on control of each track independently.
If you’ve ever heard me talk about mixers before, you might know that the mixer is probably my favorite instrument to play. So having such immediate, analog control over such raw, mathematical signal feels really good. This is the first time I fired up MIDINES with the MPC sequencer.
The second half of this track is a remix / rejiggle of Smile Transylvania’s excellent re-jAm / repurpose of a track from the Super Nintendo game Super Metroid.
We even made a video of what midines synthesises to the incoming midi messages.

Download: hutchines20100410 (right click and choose ‘save as’)
This the original version of this track: https://turntablearchives.com/trackaday/music/eps/live-at-johnny-picassos/noggin-brinesta-live-version